Automated Tee-Up Systems

Automated Tee-up Systems

Automated Tee-up Systems

Conveyor & Elevator Systems

Washing & Storage Systems

Range Management Software

Tee Dividers

Vending Machines

Semi-Automated Tee-up Systems

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Belt-Drive Conveyor System

This conveyor moves 35,000 balls per hour. We recommend this conveyor for systems of 30 stations or more.

Screw-Drive Conveyor System

This conveyor moves 24,000 balls per hour. We recommend this conveyor for systems of 30 stations or less.


This combination golf ball washer and dryer is the only one available in the U.S. and has a capacity of 25,000 balls per hour. The unit is fabricated from stainless steel for long life and uses 20 brushes and high pressure sprays to clean balls. It also has a 3500 cfm tubeaxial fan to complete the drying process so it can deliver a steady stream of clean and dry balls.

Pre-soak Tank

This unit holds over 4,000 golf balls and helps loosen caked-on dirt before the balls are washed and dried. 40 gallon capacity with built-in stainless steel elevator to feed balls to washer. Rust free construction with 2" flush valve for quick cleaning.

Elevators, Stock Boxes and Controls

We have been designing automated ball delivery systems that work hands free for years. Our systems include a patented ball feeder, stock box (100,000 balls or larger), elevators and conveyor system. The equipment is all controlled and monitored by a computerized panel and the Range Management Software (RMS). The software will automatically adjust the system to your driving ranges demands. Ball delivery to tee stations or dispensers is automatic and operates only while your range is open. The systems handles automatic ball washing/drying as well.

Range Management Software

The RMS program was designed to provide range owners with total control and flexibility in operating their facilities. For example, it provides automatic opening and closing (of tee stations and dispensers), tracks all sales data (number of balls, money collected and total members), hourly, daily and weekly and monthly.

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