The Staff at Range Automation Systems, LLC has extensive design, development and operations experience in virtually every aspect of golf driving range industry. We have worked around the world with every material in use to construct driving range structures. We can offer you cost analysis review of your drawings with suggestions to save money and time. Range Automation Systems opened the first fully automated driving range in the US in 1993, complete with a 2 level 66 station system. This range has been selected a top 50 or 100 range in the US every year since it opened by the golf industry.

Our services can be tailored to your budget and start with as little as site review and concept layout. Our services are available on a per day basis, flat fee or percentage of project cost, depending on the scope of the work and time involved.

When it comes to developing a recreational amenity or park, to maximize your return on investment you must design the project to generate maximum revenue while holding to your agreed upon cost budget, with RAS's help you can do just that. What are you waiting for? Do what developers, owners, private individuals and cities have been doing for years! Call or write us today!