Listen to what our customers say about us!!

"The Range continues to do well and on weekends we often hit up to 60,000 balls. I feel that we are doing way in excess of your estimate of 40% increase in sales using your Northstar II automatic tee-up. We have only been open 12 weeks and we have already hit our year three projections, and this is with a very low level of advertising."

Andrew Russell, Owner, Big Swing Golf, Auckland, New Zealand

"I've tried a lot of innovative things on my ranges in the last 7 years, including every portable tee-up machine, but nothing creates a 'wow'factor like the auto-tee system. We had every major network doing live shows from our facility, and the main focus was always the auto-tee. Everybody has to try it. Once they do, what's not to like? To the serious golfer, he gets into his groove and seems to stay focused better on his swing. To the seniors, beginners and ladies they get to practice hitting, not 'bending over'. The instructors like it because they can keep the student focused on them and what they're saying. To the young and entertainment-type hitters, it's very similar to a slot machine. They just can't stop until they've used their whole debit card."

Brian Ashley Owner, Mulligans Golf Center, Auburn Hills, MI.

"As the facility manager there are two goals I want to achieve. First, I want to provide as much convenience to our customers as possible. I think it is an obvious decision given the choice between carrying a bucket of balls versus a range card. Second, I want to increase my sales revenue. Using the prepaid range cards and an automatic tee-up system provides the convenience I'm looking for and has greatly improved my bottom line. The RAS systems are easy to use and maintain, and their support is outstanding."

Rich Lee, General Manager, Skokie Sports Park, Skokie Il.

"We are extremely pleased with the performance of our tee-up machines. The tremendous increase in the number of balls hit by our customers, combined with the multi-denomination pre-paid card sales have boosted our bottom-line beyond expectations. The acceptance of this technology by our customers has been unanimous. Our customers love the fact that they never have to bend over or carry a bucket of balls. We are considering building another driving range, and if we do, we would not hesitate to install another automated system."

David Wolkoff, Co-owner, Heartland Golf Park, Long Island NY.

"There's a market for people who want to practice year-round, 1 million balls were hit from the automated stations from August 2002 through February 2003. And the numbers are going up: 97,000 golf balls in January; doubling to 204,000 in February, and then nearly doubling again to 404,000 in March. One of the basics of golf is the stance, the grip. If you're not bending over to place the ball on the tee, it's easier to get those things down. That can really help the beginning golfer. This wasn't something we had anticipated, but from talking to our golfers, the benefits are pretty clear."

Randy Reopelle, Director of Parks and Recreation Libertyville, IL

"We are very pleased with the performance of our automated tee-up system. It has exceeded our expectations regarding sales and management efficiency, and our customers have embraced the technology wholeheartedly. The number of balls hit per customers is phenomenal. In addition, the prepaid card system allows us to sell higher dollar items than we could using a bucket system, and the cards serve as a piece of advertising our customers carry with them. I would recommend installing an automated tee-up system to anyone building a driving range."

Dick Campbell, Desert Pines Golf Club, Las Vegas NV.

"Our driving range is the first in the Hawaiian Islands to use an automated tee-up system, and with the success we are having, I'm sure it won't be the last. The operation of the facility is as advertised from its totally automated ball handling to our ability to change the price per ball for the entire range instantaneously with the computer and software that was provided with the system. We are very satisfied with the system and would recommend it to any potential purchasers."

Richard Montgomery, Project Manager, Bayview Golf Park, Kaneohe HI.

"GolfMania is the first driving range "Down Under" to offer the automated tee-up system. Initially, our concern was whether the market here was big enough to sustain the investment. We have not been disappointed. We have enjoyed continued media attention because of our "Twenty-first century" technology and are pleased to report that golfers drive past traditional driving ranges so they can come to ours. Australian's have taken to the new technology so well that we can't open our next range quick enough!"

Nick Kolatsis, Owner, GolfMania Driving Range
and Recreation Centre, Brisbane Australia.